Marathon Tsar WW194026 Dive Watch Review |

Marathon Tsar WW194026 Dive Watch Review

Are you looking for a top-quality, luxury watch that comes in at under $1 000? If so, this Marathon Tsar review will tell you everything that you need to know about this great model.

To start off with, this is a military-grade model. In other words, it was designed for divers performing search and rescue ops in the United States military. It is manufactured in Switzerland according to exacting standards by a company started in the 1930s.

Top Features

MARATHON WW194026 Military Diver's Automatic Watch 

Marathon ww 194026
  • Water resistant to a depth of 1000 feet
  • With stand pressure upto 30 ATM
  • Surgical grade stainless steel casing
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    Self-winding, Swiss-made, 26 Jewel Sellita mechanism
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    41 mm diameter
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    Easy to read numbers
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    Comes with a rubber wrist band

This is a no-nonsense watch that is built to last and is ideal for divers. It is water-resistant to a depth of 1000 feet and can withstand pressure of up to 30 ATM.  It can stand up to tough conditions underwater and on land.

The casing is surgical grade stainless steel and the “glass” encasing the dial is made from synthetically-produced sapphire. It is designed to have a matte finish and is not reflective, making it ideal when working in the field. This surface is thick and will withstand hard knocks and scratching.

It contains tubes of tritium gas that illuminate the dial, so you will see it clearly even in the darkest of conditions. Because of the gas, you do not need an outside light source at all. The gas tubes have a lifespan of twenty-five years, so plan on replacing it at that stage.

It has a self-winding, Swiss-made, 26 Jewel Sellita mechanism. It features a unidirectional bezel and rubber wristband. It has a classic face and is perfect for men who don’t like a lot of flashy accessories.

The rubber wristband was chosen so that the watch could be used with dive equipment. For us that made it more suitable for casual wear rather than for smart attire, but it can easily pass muster with standard business attire as well.

You can change out the watchbands to get a better fit if you prefer – changing them out is pretty simple, all you need to do is to push in the pins. You can do this using a pin or a key that comes with a smartphone.

At 41 mm in diameter, this has a reasonably sized dial. It looks better on a slightly thicker wrist but can also be worn by men on the slim side with no problems. The numbers are easy to read. We did not like the position of the calendar setting, but it is something that we could get used to.

On the downside, this is a rather weighty option. It weighs more than most standard options, and this is something that you will need to get used to. It is not a serious issue at all, but it is something to be aware of.

Comfort-wise, the strap makes this an extremely good choice. There is no awkward pinching from stainless steel links, or chafing as you might get with leather.

Why is Marathon Tsar top of the line when it comes to diving watches

This scores big marks because it is such great quality. This is one option that you can actually take on a dive, and a lot of effort has been made to ensure that it is highly functional and practical as well.

It was designed for use by military personnel, and that should give you some sort of idea of where the focus in design was. This is a highly accurate, hard-wearing option and it comes in at an extremely good price, especially when you compare it to other luxury models.

The warranty on this product is also good – there is a two-year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Overall, though, our opinion is that you probably won’t be needing to use the warranty anytime soon. We checked a lot of reviews to see if we could root out any issues that others users have found and complaints were very few and far between.

When it comes to timekeeping, Swiss engineering is the best that money can buy. The Marathon Tsar is the perfect example of how this holds true.

Can you get less expensive options? Most certainly – this falls in the higher price range when it comes to your standard options. But, compared to some similar luxury brands, like Omega, these hard-working timepieces can be considered a steal.

All the benefits of Swiss engineering, top quality materials and practical ingenuity at about a third of the price of an Omega – who could ask for more?

Will it last as long as the Omega? There is the rub – the mechanism will keep on ticking for years to come so expect a long, useful lifespan. The tritium gas, however, will run out eventually. However, considering that this will not happen for around twenty-five years, that is no big deal.

The vulcanized rubber bands will also need to be replaced more often than would be the case with stainless steel, but this is a small price to pay for the additional comfort for the wearer.

In general, Marathon has proven that they are a company that understands what their market wants. They don’t pack in a bunch of features that very few people will ever use. This is a working man’s option where practicality is a high priority.

Don’t think that this makes it a plain Jane, though – this is a pretty handsome timepiece for a man about town.


This is an excellent choice for the more discerning, active man. This is not some high-end designer model that is built to look good for the guy that likes to pretend to be an action hero. This is a watch that is actually used by real heroes on a day to day basis.

If you like to get down and dirty, this is a good option for you. It performs beautifully in very trying circumstances and cleans up quite nicely to move from the outdoors in.

It goes well with smart casual, and casualwear and is a good way to show that you mean business. For the guy that has more class than the flash, this is a good option to choose.

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